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‘Hello Gang, No, that’s not me in the picture, below. I’m not quite that old. That’s the guy who without him we all might not be here today. So, as ‘Retha and Rodney would say, let’s show the man a little RESPECT. Columbus used coupons, too, I hear, while selling his wares. Healthy, too – He beat the scurvy to make it to America. Enjoy the $avings and tips while we remember the man you made it all possible.’ -JB

Columbus Week Specials


Most know Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. But, there’s been a growing trend of late to do away with the most famous explorer’s day. For example, Columbus, Ohio will not observe the ‘controversial’ federal holiday honoring its namesake, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, for the first time this year.


Critics say the holiday honors the mass genocide and colonization of Native Americans, who lived in the Americas long before Christopher Columbus arrived in October 1492 . Yet, Columbus, himself, was likely a victim of persecution.

During Columbus’ lifetime, Jews became the target of fanatical religious persecution. On March 31, 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella proclaimed that all Jews were to be expelled from Spain. The edict especially targeted the 800,000 Jews who had never converted, and gave them four months to pack up and get out. The Jews who were forced to renounce Judaism and embrace Catholicism were known as “Conversos,” or converts. There were also those who feigned conversion, practicing Catholicism outwardly while covertly practicing Judaism, the so-called “Marranos,” or swine.

Recently, a number of Spanish scholars, such as Jose Erugo, Celso Garcia de la Riega, Otero Sanchez and Nicholas Dias Perez, have concluded that Columbus was a Marrano, whose survival depended upon the suppression of all evidence of his Jewish background in face of the brutal, systematic ethnic cleansing. MORE

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