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Top 15 NEW YEAR FAVES- Diet, Costco, Crypto, Keto, Pets, Winning, Health

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Most Popular Offer – KETO Weight Loss

KETO ADVANCED Keto Fast is simply a fast way to Burn Fat with Rapid Absorption for Maximum Results. Is a naturally effective solution to support health weight loss.
PERFECT ANTIDOTE for everyone’s #1 New Years Resolution

Blood Sugar Support Saves Lives

Ceylon Cinnamon provides potent antioxidant support, and has been shown in scientific studies to support the body’s natural insulin response, reduces oxidation and LDL cholesterol, boosts metabolic function, and lowers blood pressure.

Remembering One of the Last Original Rock and Roll Stars

Brian Wilson has called RONNIE SPECTOR and the Ronnettes’ 1963 recording of ‘Be My Baby’ the PERFECT rock and roll record. Wilson was also among the first to pay tribute to his friend and colleague (and idol) following her January 10 passing. (See our sister site OLDIES COUNTRY -CLICK HERE ). Wilson loved the recording and Spector’s singing so much he is said to have listened to the song thousands of times. RONNIE SPECTOR, one of the last original rock and roll stars left us January 10 after a brief battle with cancer. Her music and life story is one for the ages and we remember her HERE

Crypto To Cash (Bitcoin)

Crypto to Cash — Over $1b Liquidated for our Members. Easily Buy, Sell, store and spend all major Crypto currencies. Seamlessly spend your crypto globally with Club Swan metal card.

PETS- Celebrating Our Fave Furry Friends Who Help Us Thru Pandemic

CELEBRATING OUR PETS with Great ‘Spoiling’ Offers from Chewy, Petsmart, Petco, etc


Sports Betting

Credit Card – Zero Carbon Footprint

The Aspiration Zero Credit Card is a great product for consumers looking to make a tangible difference towards creating a greener planet.
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Noom (above ) and Nutrisystem –
For New Years and Resolutions, Nutrisystem’s biggest promotion ever – Buy one, get one free on their program.
Lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in your first month

2) Anti-Anxiety Plus – Much needed balm during ‘Pandem-onium’

is a dietary supplement designed to support nervousness related anxiety. If your struggling with stress and are in

need of unwinding after a long day, then Anti-Anxiety Plus maybe the formula for you. The formula consists of over

20 herbs, vitamins and minerals including chamomile, ashwagandha, rhodiola, passion flower, lemon balm and gaba

to name a few.

The key benefits of Anti-Anxiety Plus include:

– Helps relieve stress
– Supports nervousness related anxiety
– Promotes feelings of relaxation

See’s Candies EVERGREEN

3) See’s Candies – Everyone’s Fave – Who can’t use a gift box of See’s during these

times of pandemonium ?

4) Norton Secure VPN – Most Popular Security Tool Today – Help secure private

information like your passwords, bank details and credit card numbers when using

public Wi-Fi on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

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THE VITAMIN SHOPPE 20% oFF $75 30% oFF $150

5) THE VITAMIN SHOPPE 20% OFF $75, 30% OFF $150 – Your One-Stop Quality Source for Everything Supplements and with a DEAL!

6) Electronic Gifts and Gadgets – So popular they’re still

giving them as gifts (or for themselves) after the Holidays.

7) FREE Powerball Ticket

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8) FREE Bottle Doctor-Recommended CBD Oil for pain,

sleeplessness, anxiety… Last year’s favorite and still popular

during pandemonia


An interesting read that may help explain these violent times of upheaval

9) WHO CAN’T USE SOME EXTRA CASH During This Economic Downturn?

Get $500 to $4,000 by the next business day if approved¹

JOIN 500,000 WHO HAVE!
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10) JUST FLOWERS 20% Off for all ocassions

Flowers may just be the ticket to brighten up an otherwise gloomy day and time.

11) LIFE EXTENSION – Every Supplement on Sale,

Every supplement you need to live a longer , healthier life!

Who Doesn’t Want to Live Longer?

12) TRAVEL – Time for Escape

with Cheap O Air – Save Extra $30

13) BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! Restaurant Dining Below Half Price!

Time To Get Out and About! Restaurant.com – Best Deal on the Web – $25 Gift Certificates for $10 or less >

14) Ultimate Feel-Good Gift for You!- Total Wine Great sparklings under $30

15) CBD Alternative to the Pill – GUMMIES!

 Get FREE Bottle Doctor-Approved CBD Gummies Product

Get FREE Doctor-Approved CBD   Product That’s Taking America by Storm

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BONUS! Long after Christmas, people are still watching these old favorites! Our Most requested post ! Christmas Like It Used To Be
Which New Years Do You Perfer – the 1950s/60s or the 2000’s ?
In 2021- 2022, The Economy is so bad:
-My neighbor got
 a pre-declined credit card in the mail.
-Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can not afford batteries.
-CEOs are now playing miniature golf.
-Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.
-A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.
-“If the bank returns your check marked ?Insufficient Funds,” you call them and ask if they meant you or them.
-McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.
-Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.
-Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children’s names.
-A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico.
-A picture is now only worth 200 words.
The Dollar Store is now the $1.25 Store. This last one is a fact.

It just so happens 9 of the 10 Amazon Best selling books in politics are by Conservative authors


BONUS: More PET Items to Spoil Your Furry Friends

This Will Last Rover or Meowy All Year with a Surprise Box each month!

BONUS: Bay Area Backroads and Beyond:


Wouldn’t it be amazing if one could snap his or her fingers and get any kind of food they want-  and top quality, affordable,  too.
Well, there’s a place in Lafayette Ca, where I live, that was last a decent sub sandwich shop and many other things before that.
Several months ago a new shop opened up called ‘Local Kitchens.’ I could have sworn it was a  kitchen appliance store like the one that used to be across the street. So, I ignored the place for months until…

I read about some newish restaurants selling potato lakes, brisket and other delicacies in this last night of Hanukah. I’d already made an amazing discovery of ‘Revival’, in Berkeley, days earlier from same news article: maybe the best brisket and crispy latkes I’d ever had and in a beautifully renovated old building.

Wises and Sons deli was supposed to be open according to the article but their website said ‘closed’ but there was a referring address in Lafayette. As a good old journalist I was not one to ignore a lead

I was nearly resigned to cooking my own dinner but being nearby I thought I’d drive by the given Lafayette address.
Amazingly, this place was open and well lit.at  7 pm on a Sunday night . I parked in their lot not expecting much.
As I walked in the door good smells emanated and an ambience like something from the future  . I’ve heard of new restaurants in places like Japan where there were no workers. ..well, that was the case here. There were no people to take orders but instead, just three kiosks with computer screens beaming pictures of attractive food including that of Wise and Sons Deli. 
How could this little box of a place put out quality food from not only Wise and Sons but many other restaurants – and with no employees. At the kiosks You are instructed to key in your fave dishes and whatever ‘extras ‘ you want. There was not only Wise and Sons but menus from eight or nine other restuarants. How the hell do nine restaurants put on food in this little cracker jack box with no workers? I chose a pastrami Rueben sandwich, coleslaw and order of latkes . Total came to less than $25, for which I was instructed to pay by credit card with my phone. I could barely handle the ‘tech’. What would someone do here who wasn’t tech savvy?

Within seconds I was notified by text that my order would be ready in 10-15  minutes. Incredible, I thought. Was I really about to get a delicious  deli dinner  from this non-descript location seemingly devoid of people? Who was cooking the food and where were they cooking it. I’ll believe it when I see it. This is something from science fiction, I thought. If it works , great. But I had my doubts.

Another text…’your order ready  in 5 minutes,’ then, sure enough,  in exactly five minutes a bag of food appears  out of nowhere in a small square opening. Then a voice announced my name and that my order was ready. A robot?

I got to my car and checked to make sure this was no joke and, yes, Charley, there was real, delicious food that I had ordered- food for which  I might have had to otherwise travel to New York or Los Angeles to eat,- and at much more expensive prices!

Surreal , yes. On one hand I would have scoffed at impersonal ‘robot food’ but, no, after all, this is 2121 , well beyond 1984. Let’s leave it as a mystery how they do it  and even offer up the address  for your now very curious self to try. As an old Nostalgist maybe some things in this technological age today aren’t so bad.

This was the best dinner, along with the aforementioned Revival, that I had had in a long time and I didn’t have to drive far, wait long or leave a tip as I did at Revival. Perfectly timed for the pandemic, this type of restaurant may become a trend. Go now before the lines form.

LOCAL KITCHENS: 3455 Mt Diablo Blvd Lafayette, CA 94549

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New Year Cleaning! Limited service area in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties – prices subject to change
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Celebrating our Favorite Furry Friends featuring Senior Cats for the New Year – CLICK HERE

Spoiling Our Cats, Dogs, Animals Who Keep Us Sane During Pandemonia

national pet day bark box
So Popular We List It Twice! (belore deal is gone) January is the time to get this one for a new Bark Box a month!
Bark Box – Most Popular Gift for the Dog Lover in your life
or For the Best Dog – yours, Bark Box now on sale


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Celebrating our furry friends who ave helped us humans during pandemonium

BONUS! COSTCO – Everyone’s Favorite with Lots of Healthy Deals

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CRYPTO and BITCOIN – They’re All Talking About It Because It’s Putting Extra Cash In Their Pockets!

Crypto to Cash — Over $1b Liquidated for our Members. Easily Buy, Sell, store and spend all major Crypto currencies. Seamlessly spend your crypto globally with Club Swan metal card.
which is OK by me… Have a MEOWY One! – Zack, JB & the Katz’

And from the Katz and JB, our own personal recommendation – we’re ALL on KETO and it works. You can too

-Our #1 popular health deal last year and again this year! > > >

and one more of our most popular ….

Lose weight with your morning coffee
MCT Oil Powder – Keto Coffee Creamer 
Users can boost energy and enrich your morning with fuel that lasts for hours by choosing this delicious alternative to creamer.
MCT Oil powder helps burn fat, great brain fuel, appetite suppression, boosts energy, enhances mood, and supports hearth health.
#weightloss #diet #keto #ketodiet

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Beyond Prime Day, Smoking Gun,Fall Movies,CBD, Keto,Income,Loans.Qualilty of Life

PRIME DAY & Columbus Specials-Discover Wealth

and Stay Healthy Like Columbus

‘Hello Gang, No, that’s not me in the picture, below. I’m not quite that old. That’s the guy who without him we all might not be here today. So, as ‘Retha and Rodney would say, let’s show the man a little RESPECT. Columbus used coupons, too, I hear, while selling his wares. Healthy, too – He beat the scurvy to make it to America. Enjoy the $avings and tips while we remember the man you made it all possible.’ -JB

Columbus Week Specials


Most know Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. But, there’s been a growing trend of late to do away with the most famous explorer’s day. For example, Columbus, Ohio will not observe the ‘controversial’ federal holiday honoring its namesake, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, for the first time this year.


Critics say the holiday honors the mass genocide and colonization of Native Americans, who lived in the Americas long before Christopher Columbus arrived in October 1492 . Yet, Columbus, himself, was likely a victim of persecution.

During Columbus’ lifetime, Jews became the target of fanatical religious persecution. On March 31, 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella proclaimed that all Jews were to be expelled from Spain. The edict especially targeted the 800,000 Jews who had never converted, and gave them four months to pack up and get out. The Jews who were forced to renounce Judaism and embrace Catholicism were known as “Conversos,” or converts. There were also those who feigned conversion, practicing Catholicism outwardly while covertly practicing Judaism, the so-called “Marranos,” or swine.

Recently, a number of Spanish scholars, such as Jose Erugo, Celso Garcia de la Riega, Otero Sanchez and Nicholas Dias Perez, have concluded that Columbus was a Marrano, whose survival depended upon the suppression of all evidence of his Jewish background in face of the brutal, systematic ethnic cleansing. MORE

MACY’S Columbus Day Sale

With Keto-T911…

You get the benefits of ketosis… The fat burning…The blood sugar reduction…The lower cholesterol

without having to modify your diet. More than 81,000 Americans have already used it

100% Pure Powerfull CBD Natural Pain Relief – FREE Bottle Offer -Why So Popular?

3 Bureau Credit Reports & Scores (refreshed every 60 days) -Enhanced – provides a detailed analysis of your credit report, recommended actions to consider with the accounts impacting your score, and an interactive score simulation tool to educate and assist with general credit score scenarios.


Easy Personal loans for any need as soon as the next day

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Improve the Quality of Your Life With Our Certified Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp. Our Lumebience warms up to absorb moisture that neutralizes the air >

Wonder What Vitamins are right for you? – Personalized Vitamin Subscription

Send to a Dem – ‘Why I’m Voting for this Imperfect Guy’

Hershey’s ‘Second Life’ A Lesson in Caring and Sharing – and Savoring Every Moment (Creatively)

Baseball Post=Seaspn Feature:

How a .500 club and manager (since 2007) won their first World Series’ in 56 years with low talent but well timed ‘junk’ players like Cabrera, Huff, Torres, Guillen, Morse, etc and likely suspects incl Pence, Scutaro never caught




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super bowl, resolutions

SUPER BOWL – SUPER DEALS plus 20 Top Resolutions !

A fan-favourite contest with a modern spin, and the best part is, everyone has a chance to win. Pick up your squares now for a chance at some extra cash during the NFL Superbowl, as well as many other sports we do Squares for. We guarantee the payouts from our Squares Contest, meaning if the contest doesn’t fill it still pays out in full. We’ll have a $50k guaranteed contest, a $25k guaranteed contest, $10k, $5k, $2k, $1k, $500, $250, $100 and even $60. For high rollers to low ballers

Coupon Country Presents JACK BENNY’S ‘A’ LIST   JAN 30, 2020

yellow pages coupons
oldies country



Not Too Late for 20 Top Resolutions

#19) Genbrain is a revolutionary brain supplement formulated to give you ultimate brain power. Known in Scientific Terms as a “NOOTROPIC” or “GENIUS PILL” it improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, etc


mayo diet

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Resolution #5 -Read More

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